Aloha Friday Picture: “Crimson Grime Falls” from Waimea Canyon State Park

Mahalo to Alicia Piette for sharing this distinctive waterfall shot for Aloha Friday Photos.

Alicia’s photograph was taken in Waimea Canyon State Park on the west facet of Kauai. I imagine this little waterfall is known as Crimson Grime Falls that flows based mostly on the quantity of current rain. Per this website, Crimson Grime Falls will be discovered off the west facet of Freeway 550 close to mile marker 23.

If you go to Kauai, you’ll see fairly a little bit of this crimson dust. Right here’s a pleasant explanation for how this soil gets its color:

“Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands and it’s thought to have shaped about 122 million years in the past. The island is made up of 5 volcanoes, 4 of which are actually extinct. The fifth volcano, Mount Waiʻaleʻale, continues to be thought-about lively and final erupted about 32,000 years in the past.

“When lava cools, it varieties a rock known as basalt. Basalt usually has a darkish shade, however the kind of basalt that makes up Kauai’s volcanic rocks is especially wealthy in iron oxide, which provides it a reddish hue. Over time, rain and wind erosion break down the volcanic rocks into smaller items and the crimson dust we see at the moment.”

There are such a lot of distinctive locations to see at Waimea Canyon State Park in addition to the adjoining Koke’e State Park, so do make plans to see them each in your Kauai vacation itinerary.

Pleased Aloha Friday!

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