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Product Description

Board-Carry Backpack

Carry up to 3 boardsCarry up to 3 boards

Carry three boards with the rest of your gear.

Carry boards in balance and hands free!Carry boards in balance and hands free!

Koraloc developed the surfboard carrying backpack designed specifically for walking, biking, skating and paddling to the surf. Making the journey part of your journey. Because what is getting to the surf if not a pilgrimage? We’ve even taken our name from kora, the Tibetan word for pilgrimage, defined as “an arduous journey to a sacred place.” And there are plenty of those in surfing, both at home and abroad. Chasing the sun and a south swell down the trail to Lower Trestles, with its mile and a half of pavement, dirt road and cobblestones; the long, hot walk through Florida sea oats and burning sand on the way to Spanish House tubes; pedaling down the Ke Iki bike path on Oahu’s North Shore, between Sunset and Off the Wall. There are plenty of sacred surfing places that, even though they’re right off the road, you can’t drive to. The walk through the brussel sprouts to Four Mile; the trek down the cliff to Blacks; climbing the dunes in the Outer Banks; these are some of the pilgrimages surfers make on a daily basis, reasserting their devotion with every step. At Koraloc we’ve developed more than just a surfboard carrying backpack that allows you to do all of this efficiently, but a philosophy based on the premise that how you get there is almost as important as why you get there. This rings true whether you live six blocks from the beach or are trekking six miles along the coast on your way to a Nicaraguan secret spot. With a Koraloc board bag the ride doesn’t begin in the water, but it begins the moment you pick up your surfboard and make your way to the sea.

Keep wax off of body parts and clothing.

Free Your Journey!Free Your Journey!

Carries 3 boards up to 8 feet long

Includes wet/dry bag and change mat.

Holds 3 Surfboards up to 8 feet – Enjoy walking to your favorite surf break with your boards secure, and your wetsuit and towel stored away. Carry multiple surf boards with your hands completely free.
FEATURES: 29 Liter Storage with Laptop Pocket, Wet Dry Bag, Wax & Fins Side Pockets, Side Handles, Adjustable Waistbelt with Pocket, Adjustable Shoulder Straps Adjustable Nose and Tail Wrap, Adjustable Wax Guard/Change Mat
For use in many recreational and other board sports – Holds beach chairs, snowboards, wakeboards
Our Surf backpack makes the walk to your favorite lineup an efficient, clean, stress free journey. Koraloc surfing backpacks give you hands free mobility while your boards stay safe and secure, and your wetsuit, towel, and beach necessities are all stored away. Our surfboard carrying backpack makes it easy to navigate your trek and allows you to carry as many as 3 surfboards on your next pilgrimage to the sea.
The Koraloc board bag can carry multiple boards hands free. The surf backpack makes it less stressful on the arms and back so you can walk farther with your gear. The board bag is also a great way to keep wax off of body parts and clothing.

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