Surfing The Quantum Field: A Human Persp...



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In the 1940’s several major physicists came up with the limitless world theory, meaning there are a limitless number of dimensions, a limitless number of worlds, and a limitless number of Universes that we do not yet know how to access. The Einstein-RosenBridge was the first concept of a wormhole or a star-gate being used to move through inter-dimensional energy or bend the universal field. All these theories gave birth to quantum physics.In this book, Psychic Medium Andrew Keith shares his experience in surfing the quantum field. Topics such as energy healing, meditation, Divine flow, and the surrender of the human mind to more than what we initially comprehend will be studied. He also delves into the idea of past lives, cell memory trauma, and different levels of healing to give the student an understanding of how the physical and the quantum shape our current human experience. With the use of personal anecdotes, Andrew Keith offers a comprehensive overview of a psychic medium’s life navigating the quantum field in the hopes that it will benefit those who read it.

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