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Product Description

neoprene socks water socks beach socks sand socksneoprene socks water socks beach socks sand socks

We protect and warm your feet.

Wearing your OMGear neoprene socks for any outdoors activities,your feet will be comfortably warmly protected!

OMGear neoprene water socks bootiesOMGear neoprene water socks booties

water socks neoprene dive booties scuba snorkelingwater socks neoprene dive booties scuba snorkeling

neoprene booties surfing socks water socks diving socksneoprene booties surfing socks water socks diving socks

About OMGear

We are a brand built by a group of water sports lover.So we develop and make a series of water sports gear after using a lots of gears and figuring out the disadvantage&advantage.So our gears are always popular by water sports fans.Own My Gear,you won’t be regret !

Why should you choose OMGear Low cut &High cut neoprene socks ?

OMGear 3mm&5mm neoprene water socks

Quality materials.OMGear neoprene socks are made by premium neoprene with nylon or camo poly laminated,which is extreme soft and durable.Two options of thickness:3mm and 5mm.5mm is suitable for extreme cold weather,but less flexible.3mm is more soft and suitable for most using conditions.Two Styles:low cut and high cut.Height of low cut is 4.1 inches and high cut is 7.64 inches.You can choose either height you like.

Seams:Glued blind stitching or flatlock stitching


Color:black/blue/pink/camouflage..more colors are on the way !

Fit:snugly fit

Feature:sand-proof,abrasion resistant,tearing resistant and anti-slip,durable

Package:1 pair neoprene socks

Versatile OMGear neoprene socks

sand-proof beach sockssand-proof beach socks

whitewater rafting neoprene socks.whitewater rafting neoprene socks.

Surfing bootiesSurfing booties

snorkeling diving sockssnorkeling diving socks

Beach activities

OMGear neoprene socks with advanced design,can be sand-proof and thermal isolation ,ideal for wearing it on sandy and hot beach.

Whitewater sports

OMGear neoprene socks are

ideal for whitewater sports,such as



OMGear neoprene socks with anti-slip reinforced sole,suitable for surfing,bodyboarding..offering extreme comfortable and warmth.

Snorkeling&Scuba diving

OMGear neoprene socks can provide warmth and protect your feet when scuba diving or snorkeling. You can wear it together with fins as well.

OMGear Neoprene Socks & Water Socks

neoprene  socks water socksneoprene  socks water socks

How to maintain and wash OMGear neoprene socks ?

Rinsing. You should be rinsing your OMGear neoprene socks for at least three or four minutes straight after every use.Try to rinse using clean, fresh water applied in a directed spray. Cleaning. Do not pour your cleaner directly on the neoprene.The best thing to do is to fill up a tub with a large enough capacity to submerge the entire item, and then, before actually submerging the neoprene socks,mixing the cleaner thoroughly into the water.Drying. You should never dry your neoprene in a dryer. Hang it up to air dry. The trick is that it shouldn’t be allowed to air dry in the direct sunlight, as UV rays can cause your neoprene to break down faster.

【LOW CUT DESIGN WITH ADJUSTABLE STRAP AND ELASTIC LOOP】Low cut design provide more flexible using experience.The adjustable strap can make the welt cover your ankle tightly, prevent sands or other small things coming in.The elastic loop on the heel part can be helpful for easily getting socks on and off.In addition,you can hang your socks on fins or wall easily with this loop.
【REINFORCED AND ANTI-SLIP SOLE】Reinforced and rubber printing sole,can be abrasion resistant,tearing resistant and anti-slip.When you ware this neoprene fin socks,you can walk on sandy,rugged or slippery environment without feeling dangerous or uncomfortable.
【GLUED BLIND STITCHING】Glued&blind stitched seams and elastic strap on ankle minimize water coming in,keeps your feet warm,snug and cozy.
【BARE-FEET FEELING FOR VERSATILE USING】Your feet will be protected without letting you feel that you are wearing the socks.This flexible and bare-feet feeling neoprene socks are suitable for many watersports&outdoors activities,What’s more,you can use it as slippers at home.

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